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August 20-22, 2021 in Moravian Falls, NC!

KBA is introducing brand new event The Transformation Weekend in Moravian Falls, NC! Based on Destiny Weekends and over 40 Sold Out Events!
Just imagine if this event can truly transform your life and business forever.
We’ve seen with our very own eyes what tremendous impact a weekend focused on diving deep into God’s presence, learning about self- and business-mastery, along with coming into alignment with your calling, can do to a person.
Breakthrough, clarity, and true transformation is normal at a Transformation Weekend.
Would you consider joining us Aug. 20-22? 
Do not miss out. Now is your time. Click a button below to join us  for a 3-day, power-packed intimate gathering (limited to 40 people) in Moravian Falls, NC.
Hope to see you there!
*Lodging and meals included.
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