Investments in The Economy of God

By Mark Yow

In the realm of divine economy, there exists a profound biblical investment strategy, a path paved with promises of wealth multiplication directly from the Lord. Today, we shall delve into five such investments that lead to the abundance envisioned in the sacred scriptures.
First among these is the Tithe, a practice rooted in Genesis 14:20, where Abraham, in an act of gratitude and reverence, offers one-tenth of the spoils of war to Melchizedek. Herein lies a profound revelation: Abraham, devoid of precedent or explicit law, intuitively understood the significance of this act. It was not merely a gesture; it was an embodiment of faith, a symbol of worship born out of a grateful heart. Abraham’s triumph over five armies with a mere 318 men set a precedent, a precedent of divine favor and provision in the face of adversity.
Likewise, we witness Jacob’s covenant with the Lord in Genesis 28:20-22, a covenant forged in the crucible of divine intervention. Through prophetic vision, Jacob foresaw the promise of wealth transfer, a promise that would transform him into Israel, the chosen vessel of God’s blessings.
Living on nine-tenths of our income may seem illogical by earthly standards, but those who faithfully practice tithing attest to its efficacy. For it is written: “Honor the Lord with your possessions, and with the first fruits of all your increase; So your barns will be filled with plenty, And your vats will overflow with new wine” (Proverbs 3:9-10). Thus, we are admonished to recognize the divine principle at play: that with God’s blessing, nine-tenths flourishes more than ten-tenths without His favor.
For entrepreneurs and business owners, the call to tithe extends beyond personal income to encompass business revenue. It is a sacred obligation, a testament to faith in the One who blesses the work of our hands. And behold, those who heed this call witness the miraculous hand of God guiding their businesses to new heights.
Yet, we, as humans, may wrestle with fear at the prospect of relinquishing a portion of our income. But let us heed the voice of the Almighty, who beckons us, saying, “Prove me!” Trust in the Lord, test His faithfulness, and you shall find that He is indeed a faithful provider, ensuring that every need is met abundantly.
In conclusion, let us embrace the divine economy, for in it lies the path to true wealth and abundance. Let us sow with faith, knowing that every investment made in the economy of God yields a bountiful harvest beyond measure. Amen.
MKBA family let us delve into the sacred wisdom concerning offerings, the second facet of our divine financial stewardship.
Offerings, dear ones, transcend the bounds of mere obligation; they are the spontaneous outpourings of our hearts, offerings presented to the Lord above and beyond the sacred tithe. Once we have fulfilled our duty in tithing, then we may joyfully bring forth our offerings unto the Lord. Yet, let it be known, as declared in Malachi 3:8, that God requires both tithes and offerings from His faithful.
In the act of offering, we demonstrate our worship and devotion to the Almighty. The magnitude of our offerings is not dictated by earthly measures but by the prompting of the Spirit within us. However, let us heed this solemn truth: what we promise unto the Lord, we must faithfully fulfill. It is not a frivolous game, but a sacred covenant between us and our Creator.
As our Lord Jesus Himself proclaimed in Matthew 6:3-4, when we give in secret, our Heavenly Father, who sees all, shall reward us openly. Thus, our offerings transcend mere financial contributions; they are offerings of gratitude and thanksgiving unto the Father Himself. Therefore, let us give with a heart set on pleasing the One who is the source of all blessings.
Beloved, when we give, we do not merely contribute to the church budget; rather, we present unto the Father a fragrant offering, a token of our love and adoration. Let us, therefore, give generously, giving unto the Lord with a spirit of joy and gratitude, knowing that our ultimate goal in giving is to bring pleasure to His heart.
In conclusion, let our offerings be more than mere monetary transactions; let them be expressions of our love and devotion to the Most High. May our hearts overflow with gratitude as we present our offerings unto the Lord, knowing that He delights in the cheerful giver. Amen.
Giving is indeed a fundamental principle in the Word of God, but have we truly grasped its significance and the profound impact it can have on our lives? Let us delve into the depths of this divine principle.
In the sacred scriptures, giving transcends mere financial transactions or material donations; it embodies a profound expression of love, compassion, and gratitude both towards others and towards our Creator. The power behind generosity lies not merely in the act itself, but in the principles and lessons it imparts.
Consider how being a giver, according to biblical teachings, can usher in spiritual growth, foster deeper relationships, and ultimately lead us to a life imbued with purpose and fulfillment. The act of giving is transformative, shaping not only the lives of those who receive but also the hearts of those who give.
In the Bible, giving is laden with significant meaning and importance. It is a reflection of selflessness and generosity, highlighting the heart and attitude behind the action. More than just meeting needs, it is about blessing and assisting others out of genuine love and compassion.
Central to the biblical principle of giving is the recognition that God Himself is the epitome of generosity. His abundant grace and provision overflow, inspiring us to emulate His character by giving cheerfully and willingly, without expecting anything in return. In this act of giving, we express gratitude for God’s blessings, acknowledging that all we have ultimately comes from Him.
Therefore, let us embrace the divine call to give, not reluctantly or out of compulsion, but with joy and sincerity. Let our giving reflect the love that flows from the heart of our Heavenly Father, touching lives, transforming communities, and glorifying His name. Amen.
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