Connect With Your Tribe

More than ever it is critical to be connected with your tribe

Are you looking for brothers and sisters to stand with you on the front lines of the battle for the marketplace?

Do you need resources and encouragement to equip you in the fight?

You are advancing the Kingdom of God in the midst of enemy territory, you need tools, weapons, and relationships to RISE UP and fulfill all that YOU have been created to do and be in your spheres of influence.  We are here to help.

Join together with a network of men and women like you who are passionate about establishing the Kingdom of God in the marketplace.  



Paid Membership Benefits

Partner with KBA to make an impact for the Kingdom in the Marketplace

  •  KBA Members have access to  a private website designed specifically to teach and to foster the networking and mentoring sections of the KBA.  The member's area is filled with eBooks, articles, audio & video from top voices in the KBA community, including Dave Yarnes, Lance Wallnau, Rick Joyner, and many other business leaders
  • Powerful conferences featuring prophetic world-changing marketplace leaders
  • KBA Exclusive Webinars are a highlight for our membership, where members attend at no additional cost


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Online Resources

We are regularly adding new content to our members area.  Some of resources you can expect:

  • Power of a Creative Life by Rick Joyner
  • Overcoming Series eBooks by Rick Joyner
  • Articles by KBA Leaders
  • KBA Conference Videos
  • Audio & Video training
  • Archives of Coaching Calls
  • Member's Webinars
  • Training Opportunities
  • Mastermind sessions

Exclusive Events

As a community dedicated to fostering relationship, we provide regular opportunities to connect as a family.  A few examples are:

  • Exclusive member's events
  • Tribal Reunion Conferences
  • Special member's gatherings during conferences
  • Some past member's events:
    • Private movie screenings
    • Small-group sessions with kingdom leaders
    • On-location conferences


Our members receive a number of discounts on products and services:

  • 20% KBA Conference registration discount
  • 20% KBA discount on Heritage International Ministries hotel lodging
  • 20% Discount at the MorningStar Bookstore


At times it may be difficult to have clarity on your next steps or on your business plan. KBA is designed for members to share their expertise with each other, to support each other, and to mentor those who need help.


The Kingdom Business Association presents proven prophetic voices in its conferences, webinars, and web site to help you discern the times and carry out the Father’s direction for your life and business.


As a Kingdom business person in the marketplace, you may have felt all alone. No more. KBA unites you with others in Kingdom business to help you grow in your calling.


Through its web site, conferences, and webinars KBA presents valuable insight into present market conditions and God’s purposes so that you can make better decisions.


KBA promotes a healing bridge between the church and marketplace callings, allowing Kingdom business people and church leadership to love and support each other.


KBA brings its members financial, economic, and business experts who operate from a Kingdom perspective, helping members expand their understanding.


The Kingdom Business Association plants a vision for how to operate your business from a Kingdom perspective.


KBA fosters mentoring so that newer business people can learn and experienced business people have the joy of serving others.



KBA provides training on specific Kingdom business principles and on foundational business practices to help members avoid mistakes.