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Small technology company that *used to be* focusing on Government contract work, it's a long story.

Real Estate Agent in New Bern NC with Keller Williams New Bern, NC

Medical wellness technology company specializing in products that relieves anxiety, insomnia, depression and pain more effectively than medicationwithout side effects.

Food Service Design, Project Management, and Service

We use Entrepreneurship to empower Historically Oppressed People to Endure through the provision of Healthcare, Entrepreneurship, the Arts and Leadership literacy.

Investing for the Kingdom of God. Investments include small businesses, residential and commercial real estate, stocks, crypto and NFTs

At ReadySetFund, our mission is to prove IT’S BETTER TO GIVE THAN TO RECEIVE.  We strive to serve our team, organizations, students, supporters & communities by bringing innovative solutions to real world problems, while providing value and transparency in all we do.  We endeavor to advance our collective culture toward healthy lifestyles that improve quality of life for people and the environment. 
If we each use our gifts to serve our fellow man,
Together, we can do a lot with a little!  

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