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Lydia’s House of Zion, LLC is a faith based apostolic, prophetic equipping business. Our organization is founded on the original scripture verse Jeremiah 31:21 which references Zion and instructs us to set-up sign posts as a way to gain direction. The word Zion in Hebrew is Z’ayin and means sign post. Our purpose is to point to THE way while Building for the Future. Our business ministry is for all who come seeking clarity, vision, life purpose, divine identity, and understanding of their spiritual design. We do this by speaking, teaching, coaching, as well as community events and social media podcast and TV hosting.

Buy and sell houses; market

We began successfully growing Blueberries in Winter Haven in 1988 - the first. It was believed that they would not produce this far south. In order to improve the varieties available in our region we began a blueberry breeding program in 2004 and offer our varieties to growers through our nursery Florida Blueberry Nursery. Weber Genetics LLC holds the breeding intellectual property.