Staff Bios

Dave Yarnes

Dr. Dave Yarnes is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of MorningStar Ministries, located in Fort Mill, South Carolina. He is responsible for managing the ministry's financial and organizational activities, the planning and implementation of the Heritage Tower Project, as well as the Heritage Courts Project, including acquisitions, development, project analysis, and due diligence. He is also the co-founder of the Kingdom Business Association, a business mentoring and networking group with members and charter groups from around the world.  

Dave has over 30 years of experience of entrepreneurship in a vast range of fields. He is currently President and majority owner of several investment companies, a co-founder and owner of Proactive Loan Servicing, Proactive Wealth Management and Triumph Capital Management. In addition, Dave owned and managed The Crown Theater Performing Arts Center, an award-winning Holiday Inn Express, and was also the founder and President of Willow Bay, Inc., which owns and manages commercial office buildings. Yarnes has an extensive government consulting background and has been retained by such notable agencies as The New York State Department of Economic Development, The Canadian Consulate General, and The U.S. Defense Logistics Agency. 

Dave is also deeply involved in philanthropy, purposing in his heart to always help those in dire circumstances. His philanthropic pursuits include the development of micro-financing initiated throughout India and Africa, involving notable companies such as Springs of Africa Micro-Financing and Horizon Initiatives Micro-Financing. He has worked to personally develop initiatives for housing orphans. Dave also maintains a philanthropic presence in Kenya, Uganda, Peru, and Haiti. 

David Yarnes currently resides in Fort Mill, SC with his wife Gina, and their three children, Matthew, Nathan, and Samuel. 

You can reach him at:

Charles & Erika Robinson

Charles Robinson - KBA Ordained Overseer.  Charles "Rob" Robinson, is the founder of International Executive Advisory Services.

Erika Robinson - KBA Ordained Overseer.  Erika is the KBA administrator and MorningStar General Manager.  She and Rob function as overseers of the KBA Ordained Marketplace Ministers.

Charles and Erika were missionary pastors/church builders in Germany for 24 years, before coming to Fort Mill South Carolina.  Currently, both work extensively with the Kingdom Business Association (KBA). It is their passion to stand alongside men, women and families, at a critical point of history, to bring the call and destiny of God down from heaven to the earth, and to release supernatural finances into the end time harvest. Together they visit businesses around the world and prophetically hear the voice of the Lord and provide Kingdom strategies for their breakthrough. They also are very passionate about family and children, and love to nurture families into the blessings of God. Erika comes from a 500-year blessed heritage of every one walking with God, no marriages being broken and every child following Jesus. Together they release this blessing and heritage to families all around the globe. They have been married for over 30 years, and have five children, two sons in laws, three daughter in laws, and seven grandchildren.

You can reach them at: or

Hentie Van Wyk


Hentie Van Wyk  was born and raised in South Africa.  He and his wife Crystal Van Wyk and have two daughters, Summer (12) and Gabriella (9), and live in the Fort Mill, SC area.  Hentie graduated from Harvester International Ministries with a Diploma in Theology and Arts in 2001 and then attended MorningStar School of Ministries and holds an Associate in Christian Ministry. 

Hentie owned a property investment company in London and has been in the corporate world for 17 years.  He speaks two languages, Afrikaans and English, which helps to facilitate our international relationships helps to make our international members feel at home when they visit.

Hentie has been trained and has extensive experience in the various forms of ministry in the body of Christ.  He is an ordained Evangelist with Harvest International Ministries and currently manages the international Kingdom Business Association at MorningStar Ministries in Fort Mill, SC.

Keith Graham

Keith Graham is a marketplace minister serving as Kingdom Business Association (KBA) Chaplain, Business Mentor-Coach, and Market Place Ministry Consultant.  He has also served as Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship chapter president.  Keith has an insatiable appetite for marketplace ministry.   Inspired by the Lord in 2013 by Isaiah 45:2-3, Keith has pursued for the strategic implementation of the Seven Mountain Strategies.  He moved to Ft Mill SC in 2016 to be a part of the MorningStar ministries.

Keith’s 35 years of business experience includes the full scope of management and engineering systems for designing, constructing, and operating commercial nuclear power plants. The nuclear power industry in the USA is a world standard for integrity and effectiveness of business management systems and processes.  He has had contracts with 17 nuclear plant owners, as well as General Electric, Westinghouse, AREVA, Babcock and Wilcox, and US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Headquarters and Regional offices, US Department of Energy, including an international assignment with United Arab Emirates.

Contact Keith at:
Phone: 706-832-7654

Luke L Laffin

As an ordained marketplace minister, Luke Laffin has been training and equipping believers for over three decades. He has authored several books, multiple articles and international missions devotionals, developed Bible-based curriculum, and blogs. His career has been prolific—working as an international speaker, author, teacher, life coach, as well as a professional business and project management consultant.  

Luke has been growing in his relationship with God since the age of 15. Now in his 50s, he works alongside his wife, Helen, pouring into others the lessons they’ve learned through many heartaches, joys, challenges, victories, and failures. Luke and Helen regularly work with leaders to navigate the pressures and challenges of marriage, family, and ministry. Luke has developed and led ministry teams nationally and internationally—counseling and training many individuals throughout the years.

In 2014, Luke and Helen founded Four Winds Global Foundation to help individuals discover their true identity, purpose, and passion in Christ.  They were both ordained as MorningStar Marketplace Ministers in 2017.

As much as possible, Luke and Helen spend time with their children and grandchildren living in various parts of the country. They also pursue a healthy lifestyle and enjoy working out together—completing two Spartan Race events since turning 50.

You can contact Luke at: