Vision, Purpose & Values


The Kingdom Business Association (KBA) is a premier international association of Christian, “Kingdom-minded” business owners and marketplace leaders. The KBA’s primary desire is to foster building relationships among KBA members while providing a forum for interchange, timely prophetic insight, pertinent teaching, and resource development and distribution. For those KBA Members called to a deeper alignment and engagement, we provide membership options and a platform for ordination as Marketplace Ministers.

Purpose & Values

KBA’s Code of Conduct guides its members to act with integrity and hold to the highest standards of honesty and Christian character. The KBA Code of Conduct states that KBA Members will walk in unity, actively grow in their leadership and vocational calling, and submit to the Lordship of Christ and follow His direction in life.

We endeavor to be guided by the following values:

  • A Spirit to Release and Serve— “No one with a control spirit can fully experience Gods kingdom.” On many levels, we naturally seek to protect our personal honor, money, and influence and make decisions that give us an advantage over others. However, we believe the Kingdom cannot operate with this spirit of self-interest and so we seek to equip, release, and serve others.
  • Obedience— Our highest goal is not to get more money, possessions, notoriety, or honor, etc. We believe we succeed when we know and obey the will of God.
  • Blessing Without Criticism— We bless the budding virtues of other people and their ministries. We bless them regardless of their deficiencies. We bless without needing to agree with differences.
  • Inclusion Without Elitism— We set our hearts to include others by receiving from them and by using our resources to help others succeed without reference to how it affects our personal gain.
  • Character and Gifting— We desire leaders worth following and emulating. We believe people should seek to follow character more than gifting or credentials.
  • Humility— Many are willing to serve as a way of drawing attention to themselves and for personal gain or recognition. The mark of a good leader is humility and Godly character in addition to skill.